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Kevin Hart Mr. New Money

Robin Thicke Soul Brother

Nelly Jedi Mind Tricker

Nick Cannon Mr. Get-A-Check

JB Smooth The Hater

Boris Kodjoe The Pretty B***h

Duane Martin The Hollywood Shuffle

JB, Duane, and Boris

JB is being dumb acting like Stevie Wonder in the backseat. Wonder where they are going

Boris is one hell of a character.

Wow, Duane took them to a place with old people.

All these old people and he got a nursing pole.

He got retired seamstresses that he hired to do his breakaway suits.

Man Down Section 3” Duane

They Wear Diapers” Duane

They Continue To Serve Us” Duane

JB is tripping with these Breakaway Suits

Soul Brother-Robin Thicke

Nelly, Kevin, & Robin

Nelly is looking sexy on that white shirt.

Kevin rolled up with an assortment of flowers.

A Set Up” Kevin

He brought out his breakaway suit to meet “Paula”.

Kevin is still jealous of Robin.

Melanie Fiona

She dissed that shxt out of Kevin. She wouldnt even give him a hug. Kevin was blown. I think Kevin got ADHA/ADD. He needs to sit down.

Russell Simmons

He still does Yoga. Shocked. Rus is looking at Kevin like “Nigga, I don’t give hugs“. He still got swag though since Def Comedy Jam. Kevin tried to get in their conversation but it isnt working. Kevin got dissed again.

Ed O’Neil

He doesnt even know who Kevin Hart is. He told him to “Change your name, it’s not memorable“. He dissed the shxt out of Kevin. He gave Robin Tickets for the BBall Game and He chose Nelly.

Keri Hilson and Oliver Grant, Kevin’s Underpaid Assistant is conversating like a mug when Kevin walked up. Oliver even got a kiss on the cheek.

Kevin started asking Oliver how he pulled that.

Then, Kevin was keep firing him.

Your A Liar, Your Fired Again” Kevin

Common , Obama’s Friend Ended Up Appearing.

Heard You Got Your Ass Got Beat By A 8 Year Old” Common

Kevin Responded by saying “You Better Get Out Of Here Before You Lose Your Common Sense“.

Duane, JB, Boris


Duane doesnt pay the eders.

He’s hored them under being a creft workshop when they really are labor.

He should be ashamed and deserves the hit that Boris gave him.

Boris slapped the shit out of Duane for using the elders.

But he seemed very femine to me during his confessional.

Kevin’s Comedy Show

Kevin is having a comedy show where Chris Spencer is the host.

Henry and Joey is his “Brain Trust”.

Oliver got popped by Kevin.

Kevin is getting crazier and crazier.

In the meantime, Kevin caught Oliver with keri again and said a couple of things.

Awe, You Bout To Get Fired Again

Almost Lost Your Damn Mind

You Selling Weight In my House

After, He finished bombing Oliver out.

Robin got the chance to perform some songs while people were waiting and was named “The Wild Card”.

You Mistook My Kindness For Weakness

Nick Cannon appears. He looked very good in his suit looking like a mob boss.

Nick tries to get Kevin to drop the suit and make amends with Calvin.So he could sleepĀ but Kevin isnt pushing.

So, Nick tells Calvin to handle his business.

Calvin appears behind Kevin and Kevin starts squaring up and say that he’s wearing a cup.

But Calvin stops and says but you isnt wearing a mouth guard and Calvin hit Kevin in the mouth.

Kevin goes down like fraiser and thats the end of his night.