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Kevin Hart Mr. New Money

Robin Thicke Soul Brother

Nelly Jedi Mind Tricker

Nick Cannon Mr. Get-A-Check

JB Smooth The Hater

Boris Kodjoe The Pretty B***h

Duane Martin The Hollywood Shuffle

It’s fight time.Kevin Vs Mosley.

“Sit yout ass down pops” Kevin

“Shane Who” Kevin

Why is everybody wearing suits except Kevin,smdh

Kevin thought he was a 3-time world champ, he know he never fought nobody in the ring before. He needs to sit down.

“It about to go down” Nick

Elise Neal and JB started to fight heavy.

“That big mouth got you kicked off “All of Us” JB

Elise Neal-Actress/Hart Hater

she is hating hard as shxt but i understand.

“Sit your old ass down before I make change” Kevin

“Dressed like the unincredible hulk” Nick

“Drummer Boy” Kevin

“Bunch of contact lenses on the ring” Kevin

Kevin is just going on Shane and he’s just keeping it cool.

JB and Elise at it again

“You aint shxt Elise” JB

She knocked him out and he was out for the count

“Memphis Boy” Elise

Rosci interviewed different people and we found out that all of people knew Kevin was going to get his ass dropped.lol.

Nick always look sexy in suits but It also shocking that Kevin ws left out of the partnership of the club. It his fault.

“Too Late” Nick & Robin

“You let Shane in” Kevin

“And Bella” Nick

Why is Kevin tryna act hard in that hoodie like he boxed before but he hasnt.

KWTS (Kids With Tourette Syndrome)

They were cursing like a mug but I think its something they cant control.

Why is Kevin rapping to the stage like that and they got the captions to it too and im tripping.

Robin Thicke sung the national anthem and then 10 mins later, sung I believe the Canada national anthem.smh. He is so long winded.

Kevin thought he was slick, trying to get up on that girl

“Concentrate” JB

It’s time for the fight

Blue Corner “Sugar Shane Mosley”

Red Corner “Kevin “Fist of Funny” Hart”

“Piss text, I want a piss test” Kevin

“You didn’t wrap it right” Kevin

His gloves got knocked off by Shane during the fist bump. damn JB dont know what he’s doing.

So, Kevin is fighting and He is missing his hits.

But, You can tell that Shane really aint trying to hit Kevin.

Bella Gonzalas started walking in the room while they were fighting and Kevin took that opportunity to sucker punch Shane.

Then, Shane fuxked Kevin up with the Knockout with 0:20 secs left.

No Money