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AFC: Baltimore Raven.

Introduction: loved how they were doing it for Ray Lewis and he was doing it for the team

NFC: San Francisco 49ers.

Introduction: loved their video countdown

Performances: Sandy Hook Elementary and Jennifer Hudson Sings ” America The Beautiful”.

The kids were so cute and perfect on their singing.

Jennifer looked alright in her outfit and I’m not liking her skinniness. I liked her thick.

I loved the duet.

Alicia Keys sung the National Anthem.

I loved her hair but her dress looked formal.It fit her though.

I loved how she sang her own rendition of “Home of the brave”.

Ray Lewis was crying again. Its staring to get annoying. Then everybody started crying too.

Coin toss

Heads- Baltimore (Won the toss)


Referee Jerome Boger (First Superbowl)

Phil Simms & Jim Natz-Commentator

Justin Tucker did the kickoff to the 49ers

6:42pm Touchdown Baltimore by #81 (Anquan Boldin), Field Goal #9 (Justin Tucker)

They had a good Audi commercial

The Hundai Commmercial was great

The Go Daddy commerical was nasty especially the kissing part

Goat had the munchies for real, ate all the chips

36 yard field goal made by #2 (David Akers) 49ers

Score 7-3 Baltimore

7:23pm Touchdown Baltimore

Score 14-3 Baltimore 2nd Quater 7:10

Stevie wonders commerical was wierd. I didnt even know it was him till I heard him talk. He doesnt have a mustache nomore.

Score 21-3 2nd Quarter 0:03

*Haven’t been watching the game like that. Football doesnt really excite me like that but I’m about to see how Beyonce’s performance is gonna be*

Pepsi made the countdown for Halftime. It was tight.

Who are these people that are running. They must be fans, thats cool.

The stage looks cool and her pose backdrop was pretty great.

I hope she doesnt fall. She havent performed in a long time.

She doesnt have on my panties…She does.

She got on lingere and loving the purple smoke.

Crazy in Love

Loving the drums and the graphics

She’s looking very domitrix

Love the dance for the “End of the time

She’s doing “Baby Boy”…Wow

She is whining like she is a jamacian. Wonder where she learn that from and If she tried that on Jay-Z.



Kelly looks fuxking hot. I would bang her.

She got an ass and hips now. “Bootylicious”

Michelle still looks the same.

The microphone Michelle was given should have been louder as well as Kelly’s.

Loved when they harmonized on “Independent Women” and the fire.

Destiny’s Child sung Single Ladies

Everybodies microphone where low except Beyonce. Go Figure.

Michelle is not a dancer but she was trying her best. love her effort.

“I wanna feel your energy”Beyonce…WTH

Beyonce sung “Halo”

I thought she was going to bring Blue Ivy out but she didnt.

I just saw the hair part of the stage, that was pretty cool.

The game is back on

History was made when Jaciby Jones #12 made a 109yd Touchdown.

Score 28-6 Baltimore 3rd Quarter

I looked at the scene and realized that the lights were turned off

I was really shocked because that has never happened during a superbowl

Loved the subway blooper commercials

Blake was looking gud.

Score 28-19 3rd Quarter 4:59

I love how the horse remembered his former owner. Budweiser #Clydesdale

Ayyy, Raven Nation, That’s why the husband got his jersey got washed

Score 34-29 4th Quarter 4:00

Final Score 34-31

Baltimore Ravens Won The Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!