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I am at the game with Shalise, my friend and right now, its halftime wit 9:39 left. So far, ive seen the girls do gud but could have been better. The score is 36-32. The girls are now practicing. The game has now started.Its 6:26pm. My Bulldogs are really slacking right now but the score is 41-39. We hit a three and got the ball bac. The freshmen hit two pts. The score is now 55-45. My Cuzo Hit Two Foul Shots, U Go Tia. Now, Its 57-45 at 6:44. Tia Hit Two More Foul Shots. U Go Gyrl. The score is now. Brie is so agressive, I love it. 9:30 left on the clock, score 59-57. My girls are really showing out this quarter. The other team seem to be agressive too but we killing them. I like how Alessandra #34 was going to stop the other team and hit the Trojan Kiara #11 in the mouth.Kiara #11 hits 2 pts for her foul makin the score 61-55. We have 7:00 left on the clock. Jasmine hit the 3. Go #24. Our ball, wrong. Jasmine gets two and didnt get them. We getting agressive as a mug. Jasmine #24 just showed home girl. I especially liked how both Jasmines’ #23 & #24 double-teamed the Lady Trojans. 3 mins left with the score of 69-61. Channell #1 hit the two foul points. Go #1. Channell hits another two points. Good recovery Brie. 1:15 left with the score 73-66. Channell missed her foul point but it okay. Jasmine #24 missed her two points but its okay. 19.2 seconds left. Score 73-66. Brie hits one of two foul shots. Go #32.

THE GIRLS WON 75-66. We Are Now 6-12