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The dude that song the national anthem chocked and messed up a word but overall, he did good.

VSU Starting Line-Up

John Holleman 23

Alex Jackson 24

Kenny Mitchell 25

DeVonte Williams 3

Mike Bynum 10

Bulldog Starting Line-Up

Ray Gatling 1

Byron Westmoreland 21

Dameatric Scott 10

Najee White 11

Carlos Smith 20

I got preoccupied, so I missed the first 2 mins. The score is 4-2. with #34 Alex Johnson made one of two fouls. hahahaha. The score is 9-3. 13:43 mins left in the first quarter . #1 Ray Gatling made one of two foul shots. Im not really paying attention. We have the starting line up back into the game. #10 Dameatric Scott had a nice save but it became Trojans’ ball. #1 Ray Gatling got his one shot. #32 Jacolby Wells got his one shot. #10 Dameatric Scott lost the damn ball.#4 Richard Hall & #32 Jacolby Wells did a gud bounce pass. #11 Najee White almost lost the ball. We just had a bulldog battle of dunks. We keep missing them but they first need to learn to control and pass the ball. #10 Dameatric Scott didnt make his foul shot. Im mad the Woo Woos didnt come. People dont know how to catch rebounds nomore. Bulldogs needs to get their act together. They are really slamming right now instead of jamming. They finally made two points. I must admit that Virginia State are hitting those threes. Also, our bulldog masot was jigging with the baltimore. #42 Daniel Awosanya didnt make his two foul shots. #1 Ray Gatling made the two points. its a turnover, bulldogs but we didnt get the two points we made. our ball again. #1 Ray Gatling be going hard in the paint. #3 Trawn Rogers is becoming butterfingers. The bulldogs need to get it together. first trojans travelled, then we did. timeout is over. our ball and we tryned for another dunk and didnt make it. #45 Branden Doughty is fouled and he makes his two shots. #10 Mike Bynum made the three. It seems like these bulldogs are not getting it. ball control. the score is 25-33. #10 Dameatric Scott makes two pts. #23 Bryan Wilson makes two. we have 1:20 left with the score 27-33. #42 Daniel Awosanya doesnt make his two shots. Bulldog ball. #10 Dameatric Scott makes two pts. 20 secs left…10…..5. Score is 29-33.



Greek Stroll Off

AKA, SGRho,Zeta,Sigma,Ques,KKPsi


The game score is 31-38..No rubdowns for the boys…#10 Dameatric Scott good save. #45 Branden Doughty makes got his one shot. Now #21 Byron Westmorland is butterfingers..the score is 36-45. #3 Trawn Rogers made one of two shots. #1 Ray Gatling made a three pointer. Bulldog ball. 12:30 left in this game. the score 39-51. #20 Carlos Smith made two of his foul shots. #1 Ray Gatling made a three pointer. The score is 45-57. We need to get some agressiveness going. #30 James Vann mades a three pointer. #23 Byran Wilson made a three. They are making good three’s. We need to get on there regiment on sum serious shxt. The score is 47-62 with 7:30 left. we need a mircle. #20 Carlos Smith made two points. #10 Mike Bynum made two of his shots. we need to get it together. We are losing very bad. The score is 51-64. This game is getting intense. #45 Branden Doughty makes his shot. #30 James Vann makes two out of two. Bulldog Ball. score 54-66. #45 Branden Doughty makes his one shot. bulldogs ball. Again. 4:20 left. 3:40 left. we need to get it under control and score some points. #1 Ray Gatling made two out of two. #3 Trawn Rogers made zero foul shots. #25 Kenny Mitchell made one of two foul shots. #1 Ray Gatling made one of two foul shots. bulldog ball. #1 Ray Gatling three pointer. #3 DeVonte’ Williams made one of two shots. Bulldog ball again. #10 Mike Bynum made two out of two foul shots. #45 Branden Doughty with a dunk. Two points. The score is 63-72. 40 secs left. #10 trojans made two of two foul shots. #23 made three pointer. score 66-74.10 secs left. score 69-76. #10 Mike Bynum fouled for the 3rd time made two of two foul shots. The game is officially over with the score of 69-78.

*Not That Accurate*