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Faizon Love

Kevin Hart Mr. New Money

Robin Thicke


Nick Cannon Mr. Get-A-Check

JB Smooth The Hater

Boris Kodjoe The Pretty B***h

Duane Martin The Hollywood Shuffle

Nick reminds me of the 1990’s, really loved the blue outfit. made him look sexy

Kevin was dmb az shxt when he thought it was a “Baby” party, not the kid kind

“You Better Get…” while Nick was puttin the burger back on the grille like he aint even drop it Wowwwww

This boy JB is ripping up a suit or what Duane called ” A 6 Piece Suit”, Go figure


In the first 10 mins, We learned alot. we found out that everybody dont like Kevin but keeps him around. They all was talking behind his back after he said “Hi”. it was funny. Then, he went over to Nick and asked about Mariah. Now, Kevin hasn’t learned from the last time that Mariah is a taboo topic but he will learn.

Kevin starts going on Nick’s Cousin’s Pies

He called Calvin “Fat Jesus”

Kevin is down in the first 11 mins of the show

Calvin hit him in the balls and is whupping his azz

Kevin gets up and started talking bout “Im bout to put my paws on him”

Kevin is down again and JB Smooth is like “Beat his ass calvin”

JB Smooth seems to be the instigator of the group

The next day Kevin goes to Trina Shaw, His Lawyer

Kevin tries to sue Calvin

Trina is “Sleeping with the enemy” since she represents Nick

Kevin is speechless when he find out that she is representing all his friends

Trina Clowned Kevin without him knowing

“I represent them to represent you”

Kevin started trippin in her office for no real reason and reference the First 48

LOL. Kevin Is Crazy

Even more shocked cause she represents white people too


Also, that DiCaprio is her best client

Poker-> Yayyyyyy

JB Smooth is a wierd funny person, he dont know what to say

“I know it fit cause my son tried it on” Duane

“Mitch is a man that acts like a Bitxh” Kevin

“Paula Patton’s in my driveway, Im bout to bag it” Kevin

Kevin thinks that he can get everybodies wife


Kevin gets his azz beat by a 11 year old boy named Calvin over pie.He wanted to sue calvin for getting whupped and was blown away when he found out that Trina Shaw didnt only represent him but his friends and white people. Then, he had a poker event that Nick wasnt invited too because at the moment, Kevin doesnt like him as well as he is tryna bag Paula, Mariah, Nicole, and Tisha.

Kevin crazy azz is so rude

Kevin is loopsided, he didnt want Robin to be there was poker until he found out that Paula was going to come bac to pick him up. SMH

Kevin hating on Robin’s stories cause he’s not getting the attention he wanted

Kevin’s “Pickles” joke, I didnt get I was lost like everybody else

Kevin tried to get big, but sat down when nelly jumped up


Robin takes the cake

10:25pm OOOOOOOO

Kevin throwing up gang signs now “Doves Cry”

Overall, This show was great. They had everything that happens in reality shows. People being fake and jealous friends, fights, insitgators, money makers. It was great. Cant wait til the next episode