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NIHM 2: Timmy’s to the rescue

The movie was great, I finally found out what NIMH stood for which is dumb because I am a nursing major but anyways, it had a great plot. I would recommend kid’s to watch both series: The secret of NIMH & NIMH 2.


I always wanted to watch this movie but could never find it. But i finally did on netflix and I was so happy. The songs were gud, very spirital. I was shocked that I remembered the little scenes and plot of the entire movie. This movie is a great movie for students to watch because it shows us history. it shows how England traveled to new land as well as the difference or seperation of indians and whites. When I watched it, i believe it shows us that we can actually come together by talking to each other.

Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World

I was really excited when I found out that I could watch both movies at the same time.This movie was more about how you have to act to fit in. I didnt like the fact that she had to act a certain way to fit in. Crazy thing is that it is still the same today but overall this movie was gud. But I wasn’t expecting her to fall in love with another man but i understand how she could.

Tarzan & Jane

This movie was straight unexpected. I didnt even search for it, netflix just had it up there and I decided to check it out. So far, It was gud. There first year together was crazy though but i like how they set her up as well as how tarzan did everything Jane wanted him to do.