Wierd- Mysterious Affairs

Nerd- Academy Analysis

Kidd- Phenomenon


During The Week, I Have Been Sleeping For Long Periods Of Time And I Dont Know Why. Its Gettin Crazy Because I Dont Feel Like Goin To Class and I Dont Miss Class…Lol


School was nerve-wrecking. It was stressing me out like crazy. I was in my “I dont care” mood. But I am happy that my portfolio is dun. I dont have to worry about it nomore. But now, i got to worry about the tests I have next week…ugh


being the activity informer for my clique, we had a good amount of events this week. Zeta Phi Beta Sigma had a brother & sister week. they joined together and had family week…lmao…it was pretty cool, even though i didnt have the chance to participate. also, the bulldigs won their first home game and i attended that because i love my bulldogs and they did great.