Avengers The Movie

Watched this movie for the first time. I must say that it was great. But it was sad that they weren’t work together until Agent Phil died. But I loved the fights of the superheroes especially between Thor and The Hulk. They seem to not get along at all. Now, Iron Man changed dramastically, He went from an Self Centered Person to A Superhero. Out of all the characters that were shown, I liked The Hulk the best. Who knew that he was always mad but keep his cool. My favorite fight of the whole movie was when The Hulk beat up Loki. It was so funny because he never expected it. Now, Loki should have been ashamed of himself. How was he to become king If he couldnt think his plans fully out. A king is suppose to be smart, not dumb. Thor was such kindhearted towards his brother until he betrayed him again. He finally learned. Fury was wrong for not telling them the truth, but that’s the government for you (sometimes, no offense).  Captain America was so cute and so old school. I loved him.

King’s Speech

Finally finished this movie. It was good. It really gave me some incite on the duties of king and its family. It seems that the royal family goes through problems just like regular people and some are really down to earth. I loved how Logue was brave enough to treat the King and keep it all a secret from his family. Logue was the best person besides the wife that stood by The King. The King stammer’s was cute though. But my rating was that the movie was great. I would watch this movie again for his stammer.LOL.