These trapped in the closet chapters are good. But there is one problem, The transitions and interview music is annoying but I’ll get it use to it

Chapter 23 don’t rhyme but it made me wanna watch the chapters. Where is Chuck

Chapter 24, Twan is still hype as hell and funny. Sylvester needs to cut those sideburns and he is always involved in something smh. Pimp Lucious is funny stutterer, if that makes sense. “You Know I Gets My Pimpin Onnnnm, Yea I Be Pimpin All These Hoessss” Favorite Line. Twan is still a hothead and “Need To Chill”. Sylvester is a gud role

Chapter 25, Pimp Lucious is funny tallkin bout the first. Aww snaps, Lucious be hearing God. “Callll Him Up, Calll Him Up….”. Twan is so childish.

Chapter 26, Cathy luks like Lynn Whitfield at the end of her interview. She been smokin alot. Marriage Counseling is very intense. Rufus still loves Chuck. He must have got good stuff. lls. Is being “misguided” what they are calling it. But Atleast, He tryna work it out.

Chapter 27, The counselor is speaking the truth. She maswell stay with him, he is trying. Rufus really wants his wife back. Thats how men get their women back. People should take notes. Interview Rufus, I like how they tricked him to do an interview about him and chuck.LOl

Chapter 28,Wow Rosie and Randolph sleep in two different bed but are in the same room. Randolph is still made about what Rosie called him.Love when Randolph beated on his chest like an ape*Reminds Me Of My Apes* Aww shxt, thought he was tryin to show his stuff but he was playin wit her. Interview Rosie, Wow, she got on him. Interview Randolph, love when he does the watch joke…lol…They always arguing and fighting.

Chapter 28, Preacher is crazy. He tryna sell the trapped in the closet book. He suppose to be a preacher but he promoting his Roxanne is always thinkin she the stuff and wow Tina in beast mode. “That Pimp Slap Must Have You Crazy”.lol. They are arguing in the kitchen but it is true. Roxi is the reason she dont have a baby father. Tina is gettin smart, she becomin a bad bitxh. Interview Tina is gangsta. Interview Roxi is just mad because she fell in love with Tina.

Chapter 29, Twan needs to stop. He bought his gun that is very small. He always want to shot someone. Interview Twan & Sylvester, Twan is like the lil brother that cant do nothin because the big brother be watching “Silence….Silence…Silence”.They always laughing.

Chapter 30, Wow Lucious’ parent is Randolph and Rosie. They funny. How Rufus think Lucious’ hoes where envogue.

Chapter 31, Lucious’ did the Stevie Wonder. Interview Lucious’ think he got it like that. Boy please.

Chapter 32, This oldhead gangsta is funny. he reminds me of the druggie from South Central. Wonder how he gonna say yes from the third floor of another building. Benzo’s eye is really fxcked up. He need to get this throat fixed. This nigga Benzo is old as shxt. Thought he ws gonna die but he didn’t. Wow, Twan gangsta and final got what he wanted. Benzo having a hissy fit cause his goons let two people out his office…lol

Chapter 33, Its takin them along time to get twan and sylvester. They remind me of the mini episode of Kevin Hart’s Laughing At My Pain”. They suck. What show is Sylvester and Twan featuring in. Cant wait til the next trapped in the closets.

Overall, The New Episodes Were Gud

Trapped In The Closet